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Mars Mission Wiki Overview
MMW HomepageThe Lego Mars Mission Wiki is an unofficial Lego Mars Mission fan-site! There is an RPG (role playing game) on this site, as well as pages about the Lego Mars Mission Sets. This site isn't just another set catalog. It's a fan site, which means everyone is encouraged to upload their own videos, MOCs, and other Mars Mission content to help make this site fun and interesting.. You can also discuss Lego Mars Mission in the forum! If you have been here before, please continue to use and enjoy this site, and tell your friends! Joining allows you to get credit for your contributions, play the MMRPG, and sign our petition to bring back Mars Mission, which is at the bottom of this page. We hope you enjoy your visit!
[ ! ] NoticeThe Entire Wiki is undergoing repairs. Many things are either being tweaked or changed completely.
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Comander7 Secretly a Serial Killer?
Recently several members of the Mars Mission wiki uncovered secret documents relating to the state of, the odd and highly esteemed, Comander7's basement...
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Fixing the RPG
We are in the process of rebuilding the MMW RPG. Several things are going to be changed, so gameplay will be a bit different. Head over to the Updates page to stay up-to-date on the process.
Crystalien Adventures
An anonymous member whom we have dubbed "Dr. Who" is working on an HTML5 Mars Mission Platformer. To anyone willing, help would be appreciated. For more information, read this thread:[Crystalien Adventures].
The 2nd MMRPG Restart
The current RPG is about to end with 2013. We are going to restart the RPG in 2014, and we hope it will be better then ever. See what's happening atthis thread.
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Pile O' Blocks by Nohbdy.
The Fre$h Blockhead of Bel-aire.The Infamous Null page.
You can submit a MOC and it may be put here on the homepage! MOC stands for 'My Own Creation', generally a Lego model that you created yourself, without instructions.Everyone who signs up with our site is eligible for this title, and you can nominate someone in a thread. The Featured Member is chosen each month by this site's Moderators.Interesting pages are featured here.They may be featured because they are new or because they have been recently edited.
Bring Back Mars Mission
872Mars Mission Needs You!

To people from the Lego Company who might visit this page:
The Lego Mars Mission fans have not completely gone away!
There are still people who would buy the sets if they would come back!
LEGO Mars Mission was a great line of Lego bricks and now it is out of production.
The only sets that remain are soon going to be gone.
The fans of LEGO Mars Mission are still here.
The fans of LEGO Mars Mission want more.
And if its all about money, then what's a better reason to bring back LEGO Mars Mission then all the money that would be brought in from the sales of these awesome sets.
Hero Factory is good, Power Miners are good, but none of them will ever be the same as LEGO Mars Mission.

Post a thread below if you wish to be added to the petition (you should have an account if you wish to be added).

People in the petition to bring back LEGO Mars Mission:

Fastpaw, shmelanefu, ykram, orinu, matzoman4, caspar347, Noob-Zilla, CarverKids, powermissionlego, Mr. Galaxy, legollx, Flanthony, nerd110, 91pancakes, julyjacksonag, TFdude15, MondernLegoPro, DrunkenDriverStudios, CuevaKid, marsmissionpilot, leveleditor6680, ETXAlienRobot201, rennatnave101, beginnereditor, commando444, Comander7, Joey4026, marsmissionfreak, DracoSupreme, JusticeRay, clawtankfan, ETXWarrior, AstroPhys, WOLKsite, Hazlog, Marscommander, The_Leopard065, Rollingbarrel, superboyC, james8470, Shadowone9999, Redsnapper39, SlingshotFox, silvermarsdropship, Commandosaur, jetpack_explorer9050,

Running Total: 46
~Thanks to everyone who has added themselves to the petition.~
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